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Join the fight for a stronger Inclusionary Development Policy!

Dear Mayor Walsh, Brian Golden, Tim Davis, and City Councilors:

The Inclusionary Development Policy is an important tool for the production and preservation of affordable housing. As you begin to update this policy, I ask that you please consider the pressing need for units that are truly affordable. Neighborhoods are seeing major displacement of long-time community residents and families, causing many to fall into homelessness. Almost half of Boston’s households make less than $50,000 a year; many residents are rent-burdened, and most can’t afford to buy homes. Thus, I support the following improvements to strengthen this policy.

  • Require developers to make one-third (33%) of new units affordable.
  • Redefine affordability income levels so that units are truly affordable for residents with the greatest need. Rental units should be 30-70% AMI at an average of 40% AMI, and ownership units should be 50-100% AMI.
  • Make IDP units permanently affordable.
  • Extend IDP to projects with fewer than 10 units that escape IDP requirements


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